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Vern Caruz

Vern Caruz

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Welcome to a new year at Stipe Elementary.  I am excited and honored to be serving as your principal and feel confident that with a strong school-home partnership, all of our students can achieve success in the future.

Our staff is dedicated in ensuring that we provide your students the opportunity to succeed and compete globally.  Our mission focuses on empowering students to develop strong communication and collaboration skills, and to be confident critical and creative thinkers.  It is important that our students see themselves as scholars and lifelong learners; that they have the ability to contribute with positive impact to our society and are custodians of their community in the process.

We value our student’s diversity.  The strength of our cultural differences is an asset that we utilize to educate the child.  We are aware of the importance of a culturally relevant curriculum and lesson delivery strategies that are not only rigorous, but also engaging, in order to ensure that our student’s academic and emotional needs are met.

I look forward to our partnership and serving this community in years to come.

Vern Caruz, Principal